Memes I (sometimes) participate in:

Started by MckMama, this meme is designed to prove that we are all only human!

Stop in on Wednesday to see a photo in place of words! (These photos all taken by me.)

This is one of my favorite memes. Each Thursday I will choose a topic and post 13 things about that topic. 13 funny things Jordan has said, 13 names I like, 13 goals for myself... whatever strikes my fancy that day!

Jessica over at The Making of M.O.M. started this Friday meme and I get a kick out of it.

Where I choose 5 "bullet points" and blog about them. They may be in-depth or they may be quick thoughts that I've had during the day. Maybe 5 things on my "to do" list or 5 meal plans for the next week (ooh, that's a great idea).


Owlhaven is a blog that I read daily and really enjoy. For awhile she started writing posts called 15 Minutes Better - a time where she tries to snatch a few quality "people" moments throughout the day, rather than focusing on the chaos around her or the tasks at hand. Her idea is that it seems pretty impossible to make every day perfect, but if we start with just making 15 minutes better, that makes a difference, especially to the person we spend it with.