Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer fun

I went over to Steve's tonight and he started up the barbeque and we had kabobs and salad and veggies and it was all soooooo good. Jordan was asleep when I got there and when he woke up he came out and cuddled with me in the driveway while the food cooked.

Ever since he was teeny tiny, whenever he has his blanket he searches the edge with his fingers until he finds the tag and then he slides it through his fingers over and over again. He even does it in his sleep. It's gotten to the point where it's second nature for me to put him in his carseat while he's asleep, and automatically put the tag side of his blanket near his face when I cover him.

Of course, after he woke up he was all recharged and ready to go. Running all over the place, being a complete goofball.

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