Friday, July 27, 2007

Did he finally just get old?

Stacy, if you haven't talked to me yet today, PLEASE close this and call me first (even though it's probably old information).

I called my mom this morning to talk about our upcoming trip and logistics and everything. During the conversation she mentioned that my great grandpa (on my dad's side) isn't doing very well and they told his kids to call the family. He's 98 years old. It's rather amazing that he's lived this long because he's had a very full life. He used to be a logger, and because of that is almost completely deaf. When he was 90(ish) he fell out of the cherry tree and broke... something (his hip?). A couple years after that he was carrying a box of onions (out of his own garden) up the back stairs and fell backwards and broke his femur. In the last few years he hasn't had any drastic accidents (thank goodness!). The things I remember most about going over to their house were that it was always about 95 degrees, even on the hottest summer days and Grandpa would be wearing his stiff blue jeans with a flannel shirt and suspenders and his slippers (he looked like a logger). The TV was always blaring, usually with a baseball game. He always had some sort of yippy dog running around, and I remember great Grandma's bell collection on the wall. She always had either fresh baked bread or cookies or some sort of candy that she would give us, and sometimes a jar of canned something-or-other. And I remember their cow salt and pepper shakers. =)

My dad really wants to go to the funeral (as do I) so if he passes away during this coming week and the funeral is next Saturday, we'll be leaving late for our trip (which is ok). I asked my mom what exactly is "wrong" with him or if he finally just got old. She said she's not exactly sure what's wrong, but that he's on Morphine for pain (pain from what we're not sure) and that he's on some sort of patch to help him breath. (They use patches for that now?) Maybe he has Pnemonia? So basically we don't have much information at this point.

Anyway, please pray for him and the family. He has a gazillion kids (13 I think) and they all have kids, and most of THEM have kids (that would be me) so it's a big family! Pray for his pain level and that during all this he would keep his "Joe-isms" under control. He tends to flip out at nurses, etc.

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