Monday, July 30, 2007

Spring in my life

I really feel like my life is in a new season. While the last week or so has been VERY stressful for me (with stomach aches every day, and today being no different at 9:30am), a lot of things seem to be "right."

Not only is the weather beautiful (I love sleeping with the window open!), I'm in a good place with a friend, who I was not in a good place with before. I'm in a NEW place with an acquaintance, and one that I think could become a friendship. I feel like I have more patience with people who used to drive me up the wall in a heartbeat. I keep telling myself that if I can get through this (very long) week at work, I have a whole week off and I'm spending it on a lake! Steve and I have entered somewhat of a new season, and so have Jordan and I. I am learning to surrender more areas to God (I'm still working on every area) and give up my worries and stress. I'm trying to be more go-with-the-flow, rather than what I want. I'm encouraged by the people who surround me, and thankful for Tessa, Kendra, Jordan and Kyle who can ALWAYS make me laugh. I'm excited to start a new craft project and see if I like it. I'm excited to take some pictures I've had in my head while I'm away next week and see how they turn out. I'm excited to spend time with cousins (the ones I'm close to and the ones I have a really hard time being close to).

My prayer for the next two weeks is that I will continue to feel refreshed, excited and bold. That I will have extra patience (especially since I'm leaving my boys for a week) and compassion and even understanding for the people I don't understand. And a very BIG prayer that I will have no more stomach aches!

I'm excited. :o)

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Carrie said...

Happy Spring. =)

I'm with you...I'm experiencing new things with God as well. I just finished this book and got a lot out of it. Or, rather, it gave me a lot to think about/deal with.