Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Madness

Oh jeez, my brain is so full.

I had my job interview today and I think it went very well. I was SUPER nervous because I've never had a real interview but I think I did well. They answered most of my questions right off and I was able to ask them a few, too. I should hear back within two weeks. This job would be a huge change from what I do now. It would be more high-stress at first (with a LOT to learn!) but I think once I get the hang of it I'd be alright. It's a VERY professional setting (clothes shopping, here I come), working with a lot of bigwigs and it would definitely keep me on my toes. I'd be coordinating a LOT of stuff. But I'm hopeful and really looking forward to hearing if I'm one of the 3 who get a second interview!

I'm totally sick of credit unions and insurance companies, but the car loan is almost complete. I need to fax them a copy of the title tomorrow and then go in on Wednesday morning to sign a couple of things and pick up the check. Hopefully Wednesday night we can go pick up the car. The credit union lady said they transfer the title so I have my fingers *very* crossed that I will be able to avoid a trip to the DMV (and consequently, an afternoon off work), but that seems unlikely. I hate that place enough that I'm sure to have to go there.

I'm waiting for a call back from an insurance company right now. I've gotten a couple of quotes for insurance, but this is the company I REALLY want to go through, so I'm hoping they have a good rate for me. And that I can get that in place in about two days.

I got a really encouraging e-mail this afternoon which said, "GREAT BIG steps! Change is always scary, but you have made the biggest leap by ATTEMPTING new things no matter what the outcome is. That's courageous. When you are brave enough to risk, it opens doors for God to work." This made me feel really good about things. I am excited and although I'm weary from all these phone calls and runarounds and LISTS of things to do, I feel good.

Tonight I'm rearranging my bedroom to get my bed away from the heater and then collapsing in it to watch Wife Swap and fall asleep. Ahh, sleep...

Now if only this blasted bite on my elbow would go away...

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