Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This morning I left work for about 35 minutes to go sign loan papers. That all went fine and even the paper she was going to have me take with me and mail back in I was able to sign right then and there (which saves me from having to remember later). So I now have a $3,000 check in my possession which I will trade for the car tonight.

I barely had breakfast this morning so on my way back to work I stopped at Burger King for a chicken sandwich. I ordered the meal and also an order of hash browns. The guy was stupid so I asked him to read the order back to me. A number 6 with a water and a small hash brown. Yes, correct. I checked the bag before I left BK and saw that it was all there. I get back to work and start to eat it and IT IS NOT ALL THERE, THE IDIOT FORGOT MY HASH BROWNS! Ok, you should not forget a PMSing woman's hash browns. I am so ticked because I was looking forward to those hash browns! And it's not worth it for me to drive back down there, even on my lunch break, so I payed for hash browns I will not be eating, even if they're only like a dollar. It makes me mad.

This has not been a good morning in general and I just want to crawl back into bed.

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