Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I didn't have access to a newspaper yesterday so I wasn't able to read the story about the crash that happened the day after mine. I did find it online this morning. You can read the story here. It's the GT so I don't know how accurate the story is, but it matches up with everything else I've heard.

Please keep praying for me. I came back to work this morning and am totally exhausted and emotional. My wrist is still really bothering me (the doctor said it would probably get worse before it gets better and that's proving to be true). It's tough when people ask me, "How's your new car??" and I have to tell them that I don't have it anymore. I'm gonna have to stop showing people pictures because they're hard for me to look at over and over.

I weighed myself this morning (when Steve went with me to the doctor on Monday he guessed my weight to the exact pound before I even stepped on the scale) and I'm losing again. I'm sure it's a combination of stress and not feeling like eating so please also pray that my appetite would return. When I get below a certain weight I get cold all the time and don't feel as well. I am still within a healthy weight bracket but my body says it's too low.

I am still so thankful for so many things.

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