Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Grab bag

I have been borderline depressed the last week and a half and I am really trying to pull myself out of it. I've been watching a lot of Friends and eating a lot of Stouffer's to avoid cooking. I hate feeling like I'm stuck in a rut.

Steve convinced me to get a rental car until I get the money back on my car. Mostly just because I have the option of having one and because if I can get out and DO things I might be less depressed.

I lost my sunglasses and my favorite (15) CD's in the same day. The next day I found them both.

I drove Hwy 34 the other day for the first time since the accident. Going TO Albany was fine. Coming home was not so fine because it was dark. I was unbelievably tense when I got home.

I really want to deep clean my house but I can't seem to find the motivation. I'm sick of that smell that keeps coming back in the kitchen. We've cleaned everything.

I got so fed up with the dog crap in the backyard last night that I took a plastic bag, picked it all up and deposited it (sans bag) on the dog owner's doorstep. He'll probably find it when he comes back for the next Beaver game because apparently this is just his party house right now.

I also left a (very nice) note on another neighbor's door to let them know that their dog yelps when they're not home. (Yesterday this was for over 3 hours.)

I'm really ready for Tessa to come back for a visit.

I hate it when my little guy is sick. I feel so powerless to do anything when he feels so crummy.

I want it to be October.

I loved the rain yesterday and I'm ready for it to be back to stay! Rain makes me happy.

Yesterday was the first day I didn't wear my wrist brace at all. I'm still icing it and it's a little sore and can't bear more than about 5 pounds of weight, but it's feeling better.

I wish my doctor had prescribed a session or two of massage therapy for my back. I could go for a massage.

I wish every week was a 4 day work week. Who came up with this 5/2 thing? It should totally be 4/3.

I get paid this weekend.

I am so sick of money.

Kyle is awesome. I am SO thankful to have him as a neighbor! And Shelly, too. I'm really glad she's back.

I always keep stamps in my wallet. I have something that has to be mailed TODAY. I have no stamps.

I'm totally unmotivated.

I'm ready for Harvest to have her baby so I can have some baby cuddles. =)

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LUVAH said...

I bet this "Tessa" character is ready to visit you, too. Just a hunch.