Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mixed nuts

Man, it's been a slow blogging week for me. This has more to do with internet drama/issues at work than anything, but I miss it!

Jordan is loving school. He's still having a little bit of trouble with the fact that Mario isn't in his class, but I think within a week or two he'll have a couple of new friends. I've tried telling him that sometimes he'll make friends and they might not be in his class the next year, but he can still see them on recess and he can also make new friends. He tells me, "We're not talking about that." Okay then. I love his sleep schedule, too. Before school he was on Steve's parents' schedule which is really sporadic and he wasn't in a healthy sleep pattern at all. Now he's asleep between 7:30 and 8:30 and often gets up with Steve early in the morning and showers and then catches the bus for school before 8. It's been great for Steve too because he can be in bed early, too. He goes to bed earlier than me now!

[Steve, if you are reading this, skip this paragraph - it's a surprise!]
Steve and I are celebrating our second anniversary on October 12th and I was trying to come up with a special gift for him. Last year I did a flip book of 250 things I love about him. (People, if you are ever frustrated or upset at your significant other, do this. Come up with 10 or 12 things you love about him/her. Maybe even give them the list! It always works for me.)
Anyway, I thought about a memory card for his phone so he can store more pictures/video and can use it as an MP3 player when he's jogging (and because he's been really wanting one and I enjoy getting people things they want), but he was thinking about getting himself one and I want it to be a surprise, so I'm going to wait until just before our anniversary and if he hasn't gotten one by then, I'll get him one.
In addition to that, I started a scrapbook. I've always wanted to do a scrapbook for us (either for him and I or for the three of us). This week I went through my photos and made a CD of my favorites (my 100 favorites, ha) and had them printed. Last night I went to the craft store and got a scrapbook and some nice paper and scrapbooky things and went home and started on it. I finished 7 or 8 pages in a couple of hours and once I finish the whole book I'll write in it. The first several pages are of Steve and I and tonight I'll start on the pages of Jordan and I and once those are done I'll do Jordan's pages. When I was sorting photos I realized there are only about 3 pictures in existence of the three of us. How sad is that! We need to have a family photo shoot and get some!

[You can now resume reading]
I think my job interview the other day went really well. I'm very hopeful that I'll get this job! The backstabbing in my office continues and I'm ready to be done here. This place has really fallen apart since I started 4 years ago.

I wanted to post pictures of Harvest and the baby but I didn't get them off my camera last night! Here are a couple from my phone. Hopefully I'll have more tomorrow. And hopefully I can get one of his full head of dark hair, too.

Jazmyn was so funny yesterday. I went up to see them a second time because I forgot my sweatshirt the first time I was there and Jazmyn was sitting on the bed with Harvest and looking at something in her lap. All of a sudden she turns and says, "I love you, Mommy" and kisses Harvest on the arm. Harvest said, "I love you too, Jazmyn." Jazmyn turns and looks at Kylin and says, "I love you too, Kylin!" Harvest said, "Awe, he loves you too, he just can't say it." Jazmyn says, "Yeah, cuz he's a wittle baybeeeeee..." She is too funny.

I know I had other stuff to write but of course now it's totally escaped me...

Oh! Since the weather has started to get a little colder the spiders have started coming into our apartment again. We both HATE spiders and these are not small ones. The other night I fell asleep early and when I woke up and was going to brush my teeth Diana comes out and says, "There's a spider in the bathroom and I'm too short!" I was too short, too but I looked up at it, looked at her, and in my groggy state said, "I'm too tired to care." The next morning I regretted not killing it when I realized it was still in the house somewhere! Last night it came back out and I killed him dead! That spider never saw the shoe coming...


Anonymous said...

Was it hard to come up with 250 things? That just seems like SO many. Did it take you a long time to think of that many? That's aMAzing.

Mikaila said...

Yes, my anniversary is in October and I think I started the list in like June. lol It started getting hard around 175 (which is still a lot!). My original goal was to do 365 (one for every day of the year) and if I'd had more time I probably could have done it, but 250 is still a lot. With 365 it would have been hard to put together. And I never told him that I had meant to do more. :o)