Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 13 funny things Jordan has said

1. When talking about the tiny little kitten jumping off the couch, "Yeah, he's a natural!"

2. When Tessa asked him if he was going down the slide, "Watch and learn, little lady!"

3. Every time he's asked, "How's it goin'?" "Doin fine!"

4. Jordan and Tessa were playing a game and I was an alien. Jordan wanted to make cookies with me and Tessa said, "Ok, but you can't make cookies with an alien, so is it an alien or is it Kaila?" Jordan went limp in her arms and with a heavy sigh said, "It's Kaila."

5. A little boy at one of Daddy's softball games said, "Hey, you're that little cool kid from Oak!" With a shrug Jordan says, "Yeah, I'm cool."

6. Steve and Jordan picked me up for a Halloween Harvest party last year and Jordan started telling me all about it and who was going to be there and then stops and goes, "Hey! Do you want to go too??"

7. Jordan was next door talking with Kyle and I walked over and said something Jordan pushed my leg and said, "Kaila, this is man talk!"

8. We were in my Kia and I took off from a stop and lurched a little and Jordan goes, "Woah! You should get your driver's license!"

9. We were playing "I'm thinking of an animal" in the car and Steve was guessing the (very easy) animals. I said, "Honey!" A few minutes later he guessed another one and Jordan goes, "Honey!"

10. "My name is Sue! How do you do!"

11. We were in the car talking about names and he gave me some obscure name which he would name his baby sister. I asked, "And what would you name your baby brother?" "Brother."

12. When we were picking up my car he asked the guy I was buying it from, "Why would you want to have a dog AND a cat at the same time??"

13. Wanting to wrestle with a kid at the park, "Hey! Why don't you pick on someone your own size! Come and get me!"


Luvah said...

The aliens one is probably the best. Cracks me up every time. He's priceless.

mommy mel said...

Okay, so I finally did some back-reading on your blog and realized a few things...1 You have a boyfriend (13 yrs older?). 2 He has a kid. 3 you have been dating for almost a year!!! Well, well, well, Why did I not know any of this??? Okay, sister, I want an email from you...this is very interesting stuff, and I truly had no idea! is my address : )