Saturday, October 27, 2007

...And I'm back!

Okay, I posted the two things I really wanted to. Now, a little something for those of you who have been waiting for me to post anything worth reading. (I've missed blogging!)

I still love my new job, but it's challenging (which I also love). Sometimes I just want to yell at the phone to stop ringing and sometimes I wish I could tell doctors that it would be really helpful to us if they gave some notice if they're going to come in and sign their charts, but I love it all the same. Next week I'll be shadowing several people (one every day) and the week after that I'll be on my own. I mean, I'll still be able to ask questions and stuff, but I'll mostly be on my own. Luckily I feel like I know what I'm doing (for the most part). The hardest part for me will be when doctors have questions about the charts. I don't know how to answer those.

So, before I start psyching myself out about all the stuff I DON'T know...!

Tessa is here for a week, yay! Currently we're sitting around watching a movie while I blog (hey, it's a good way to spend a Saturday night). I'm about to grab some ice cream from the freezer...

Tomorrow Steve and Jordan and I (and maybe Tessa) are going to the pumpkin patch. They went earlier this month with Steve's brother and his daughter and I'm anxious to pick out my own pumpkin at a farm and carve it. And Jordan would never refuse a chance to go to a farm! Now I'll start the search for a creative design to carve. No jack-o-lantern face for me. =)

I went and watched my sister and Onyx in a dog trial today - the first time I've ever seen them in one! (Which is amazing because she's been doing it for like four years.) She placed well on the first run that I saw and did well on the second and third, but I didn't stay long enough to see those scores. It was about 15 degrees cooler in the arena than it was outside (i.e. FREEZING!) but it was a lot of fun to watch them run.

This afternoon I stopped by the tailgater the Harvest and family were at and held the baby (and put him to sleep) and hugged on Jazmyn (she gets so excited to see me, it makes me smile). Then I picked Tessa up at the train station and we got Cold Stone and Pita Pit (which she now calls Pita Stone). The Beavers won today, and I'm surprised at the lack of noise outside. Yay for cold weather!

Okay, my cat periodically sits and the bottom of our front door and chirps at the peep hole. Then she'll wiggle her butt and jump as high as she can (about 6 feet) and then go about her regular business (sitting in windows, biting Diana, talking to bugs...). She does this about once a week and it cracks us up. Today she's done it like 7 times in the last 3 hours! Occasionally Tessa will shine the laser light at the peep hole to get her to jump, but then a little later she'll just randomly do it and it's hilarious. I'll post a video soon. =)

I am still seriously considering buying a pair of nursing shoes. My ankles are so bony that I actually get bruises on them and I have to retie my stupid shoes like 4 times a day, which gets annoying. But ANYWAY! I know they're expensive, but hey, I make more money now! I'm also planning on getting my tattoo next month. I had really hoped to do it while Tessa was here but then all of my money was sucked away paying down my car loan (so it could be payed off), so it'll be at least another paycheck away. But hopefully by Thanksgiving!

Okay, the ice cream is calling my name and I'm about to fall asleep typing. I'll try to post pictures of the pumpkin patch tomorrow, but obviously no promises. =)

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Luvah said...

Yay for Tessa! I like her. Also, I think it would be cool to draw on the pumpkin instead of carving it, but I'm sure you would rather carve :)