Thursday, October 4, 2007

Glad to be leaving this office?

It's becoming really bittersweet.

The sweet:

We have a copying service that comes in to do our records releases. Last week was the last day of the lady we've had for several months (and really, really like). Today this new guy comes in. He has no login, he has to try to get oriented (he used to do our clinic about 4 years ago), yadda yadda. I have spent a good portion of my day catering to him and not doing my own job. Right before I went to lunch (triggering me to go to lunch) he was telling me about how he'd like to take his alcoholic cousin out back and beat some sense into him. All about how he used to drive his cousin around and he took pity on him and now he's paying for it, harassing phone calls, his cousin lost three wives and his daughter won't speak to him, blah blah blah. Okay mister, not only am I totally not interested in your cousin, I am trying to work and you are distracting me AND I don't think this is a very professional conversation topic. I hoped he would leave and come back another day (after they got him a login!) but no such luck. Here he sits.

The bitter:

One of our doctors is leaving the day before me and one of my coworkers is putting together a scrapbook of sorts for him. She handed me her camera today and put me in charge of taking pictures of everyone in the office. I was feeling proud because I had captured about half of the pictures and then she told me that because of the scrapbook, the pictures have to be landscape, not portrait (which was, of course, how I had taken them). So I went around again and took more. People got really hilarious (I'm hoping to get copies of them since I'm leaving too). One woman is fake stabbing herself with a pen (something we ALL feel like doing on a daily basis!), another is leaning over a table while a third "readies" a giant syringe... Some of my coworkers sure keep me laughing. The frustrating part is the people who hate having their pictures taken or insist that they don't look good enough today. Maybe I just don't get it because I consider myself fairly photogenic, or at least I like to have my picture taken.

On a completely unrelated note, I have an awful stomach ache.

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