Friday, October 5, 2007


I'm 99% positive my new boss is a Christian!!!

He just came down to my current job site to have me sign some paperwork and he was wearing a tie with stacks of books on it. Upon looking closer I noticed that they were books of the Bible.

My current boss is not a Christian, nor is most of the office where I work (save for probably like three people - at least that are noticeably Christians) so this is very exciting for me.

It's sinking in. Next week is my LAST week here. I only have one more Monday, Tuesday, etc. I'm only here for six more days. I'm reluctant to start cleaning out my desk because that will make it seem even more real. Although I did notice that I sure accumulated a lot of crap in four years! It's like I've moved in to this place and now I have to move out. I made a list of things I don't want to forget. The stuffed dog above my desk who is the Medical Records mascot... My pencil holder which I bought for myself because I hated all the other ones... My star- and arrow-shaped sticky notes that I bought because I like fun sticky notes... My books out of our office library... I'm going to leave this place next Friday with a whole box full of stuff!

Last night I stayed up until about ten and that was the latest I've stayed up all week. I have felt so much more rested going to bed at 7:30 or 8. I'm hoping I can continue to force myself into bed that early even after this cold is gone and I don't feel so exhausted because I have to start training myself to get up at 5:30 (yikes).

I suppose I should get some busy work done around here so I feel good about what's caught up when I leave next week. I don't want to leave piles of work for anyone. Then I'd have guilt.

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Kati said...

Well it may be a pain to pack up and leave, but how fun to unpack and set up your new workplace!

Yeah for being surrounded by Christians! Life seems to be so much more peaceful and loving in situations like that!