Sunday, April 27, 2008

21 years and counting...

This was a totally fun post to put together because of all the remembering! There are more than 20 pictures and I had such a hard time narrowing them down! I tried to get one for every year, but there are a couple of years missing and a few extras thrown in, mostly for humor. =) Enjoy!

Here I am, a few days old

Stacy and I have always been best friends. I still haven't decided if she was listening to the egg or getting ready to throw it at me.

Me and baby Colby (right around the time I turned 2)

2 year portrait

Dad, instilling his love of trains in me (it didn't work)

3 year portrait
Tessa and I have also always been good buds

Such a fashion statement I was

Welcoming baby Kendra!


4 year portrait

5 year portrait

Me as a flower girl in our neighbor's wedding (the neighbor was the groom)

First day of kindergarten!

I'm guessing this is when I turned 6

Portraits with Mom

Skipping ahead a few years (because I couldn't find the photo albums and Mom wasn't around to ask), skiing for the first time in Idaho!

This was a really special day. I got to try on this dress which my great-grandmother's (pictured) mother made for her around 1910.

The cousins doing a play: Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Pirates. I do not remember how the heck we came up with that title OR the script.

Sibling rock band!

I think this was 9 or 10...

Getting braces!

This picture and the last picture were within months of each other. It's crazy how much that haircut changed how I looked.

The spring I turned 14...

August 12th, 2001 Dad and I got baptized.


High school graduation (and the day after I turned 18)...

And then we jump ahead to last year.

Basically God has blessed me with an INCREDIBLE 21 years and absolutely amazing friends and family along the way. Life seems frustrating lately but when I look at the big picture I am in such a good place. I have a completely wonderful support system, I'm saving money, I have a stable job with benefits, an amazing boyfriend and little boy and good health. Seriously, it doesn't get much better than that.

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Tessa said...

Holy crumpets. Time sure flies when life happens, eh?
MAN. TWENTY ONE. You're old.