Wednesday, June 11, 2008

While I eat my Rice-A-Roni...

I'll say it again - I love my apartment and living alone. I have quickly gotten used to having my very own space, knowing where everything is, only cleaning up when I want to and basically just doing whatever the heck I want. I don't feel bad if I stay up late watching TV because I'm not keeping anyone up. I don't feel bad if there are dishes in the sink because they aren't in anyone else's way. I don't have to save hot water at the end of my showers. There's room in the fridge/freezer to put groceries away when I go shopping.

I found a big downfall on Sunday though when I locked my keys in my apartment. Steve is the only one with a spare right now and the poor guy had to drive all the way over to let me in because my managers weren't home. I'm taking a key to my parents this week and I quickly got into the habit of having keys IN HAND when I walk out my door!

I started babysitting another little boy tonight and we had so much fun. He's at that age where EVERYTHING is a learning experience and you can just watch him figure things out as he grows. We spent over an hour playing with little dinosaurs and big empty yogurt containers. Dumping, pouring, shaking, laughing. We went for a walk and collected pinecones and sat on the driveway rolling them. If his mommy and daddy are ok with it I'll post a couple of pictures we took while playing with my cell phone. "HELLO! HELLO! CHEESE!" I'm excited for next week. =)

I've been battling a cold this week (WHEN will I not be sick??) and have become a total homebody. Monday and Tuesday evening I stayed home and did nothing and it felt wonderful. Last night I got 10 hours of sleep! Tomorrow I have no plans either and I have next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. Here's to continually getting better and feeling back to normal by the end of my mini-vacation. =)

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Carrie said...

Sure, you can post pictures. =) (Since your blog is password protected.) ;)

THANKS SO MUCH! It was soooo great to come home to a really happy boy who obviously had fun. Obviously you did not sing to him. ;)