Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things I plan to do this weekend

1. Tomorrow I'm getting my tattoo!!!! Finally!!! I've been wanting one for about three years and about a year and a half ago I was able to have a friend design it for me. We just got a nice bonus at work so 5 of us (yes, 5) are going together tomorrow to get inked. Pictures to follow SOON after!

2. Clean up my apartment. Last weekend was a letterboxing retreat (pictures from that coming as well, as soon as I get them from my mom!) and I've had something or another going on every night this week. It's getting a bit ridiculous around here.

3. Cook some food! I had to buy lunch today because I ran out of leftovers and haven't been home or had the energy to cook this week.

4. Organize my new filing cabinet. I've always been really good about keeping my papers and documents organized but they've always been in one of those plastic, "portable" filing boxes. I filled two (because I don't throw stuff out) and a couple of weeks ago got a free filing cabinet! Then bought the wrong size hanging file folders and had to exchange them... But they were having a sale on the size that I originally wanted so I got extra for the price I was originally planning to pay!

5. Go to Madre's party!!! I'm super excited about this. I get to see people I love, play poker and generally just have a great time!

6. Wash my car! It's disgusting. Including the trunk where a can of Pringles popped open and then got crunched.

7. See Steve and Jordan. Jordan's all excited for me to help me with his homework. I tell ya, that kid has made huge progress just in the three weeks since school started.

8. Send in my next request to the book club I joined.

9. Put in a request for the repairs on my apartment. I've barely even had time to THINK about it this week!

10. Un-clog my shower drain. Lovely, I know.

11. Try to post lots and lots of pictures on this here blog.

12. Go to Michael's with Stephanie and see if we can buy a carving tool and some rubber because I got her into letterboxing!

13. Plan out a couple of rubberstamps and maybe start a carving. And also get a CD together of pictures I want to print so I can update my letterboxing journal. Fun stuff!

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