Tuesday, October 28, 2008


During the course of my day today I came in contact with a lady who we'll call P.

P. wanted to tell me ALL about a situation she's going through, all about her frustrations and (it seemed) all about everything. I really didn't care to hear about P.'s situation, but I remained professional and I politely listened while I went about helping her.

While making polite conversation with P. I learned that she is related to a friend of mine. Putting two and two together I realized that she rides Steve's bus fairly often. I mentioned his name and she got a look of recognition and then a look of confusion, wondering how I was connected to him.

Me: "I'm his girlfriend."

Her: "OH! He talks about you! Wow, I can see why he is so in love with you, you are so helpful and kind... He brags about you all the time on the bus. You are so good for him. He could not ask for a better woman for himself and his son."

Thank you, God, for helping me remain polite and professional so that I could receive the blessing you brought to me through that woman! And thank you for a boyfriend who brags about me behind my back and tells others how much he loves me.


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