Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Messes, kids and nature

I haven't posted in almost two weeks!

I was sorting through some pictures today and came across some that I thought were either really funny or really cool and thought I would share.

This is right before Diana and I moved out of our apartment together. I don't know how long before the move this was but I do remember our apartment looking like this for a painfully long time. Notice that my bookshelves are boxed up and hers is still full of books? :) Hee hee! Oh Diana, remember the good ole days? Can you find the cat? :)

I stumbled upon this one of Jordan and his cousin playing in the back of Papa's truck with a magnifying glass. Any cavities, Rylie?

I took this in the backyard of some people I don't know. Lol. They are the parents of one of my coworkers. They have a gorgeous pond.

I took this one while letterboxing this weekend! The clue said something about a dragon and his lookout. See him? :)

Now all I'm missing is pictures from the barn party last weekend and I was so busy having fun that I didn't even get my camera out!!

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