Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not again...

I hate moving. I moved five times in two years to get to where I am now and that was more than enough for me. (Although I must say, I've gotten very GOOD at moving.)

When I moved in here it was with the idea that I would live here until I got married, move in with my husband and then stay in one place for a very long time.

Now I'm praying that God would open up a new place for me. Somewhere perfect.

To an extent I was able to take my time while finding this place. I was living at my parents' and they said I could stay there until I found somewhere affordable and safe. I thought I had found it at this place. There's a whole range of people living here - college age, couples, families... I liked the variety.

I knew upon moving in that my immediate next door neighbors smoke. I asked if the road noise was very bad on this side of the building and I was told no. I asked if there were very many smokers in the building and I was told no. I asked if you could hear your neighbors through the walls/floor and I was told no.

The road noise is awful. I slept with earplugs for the first two weeks here until I got used to it because it's so loud. It's like living next to a freeway. There are smokers EVERYWHERE. I am one of the very few people who does not smoke in the entire building. In fact, it's a smoking building. As in, people are aloud to smoke inside. There are no rules about it. I was not told that when I moved in. (In fact, I just found that out this week.) Also, I can hear EVERYTHING through the floor. I have not heard the neighbors on all 3 sides of me but the guy downstairs? OH MY GOD.

He is a smoker. He smokes inside. I get cigarette smoke coming up through my floor because he smokes so much. It comes in through my bathroom fan and it comes into the kitchen somehow, though I'm still not sure how. He is also a hacker. I know as soon as he wakes up in the morning and as soon as he comes home from being out. He hacks loogies, he coughs, he spits, he clears his throat and he hacks some more. And it sounds like he is sitting right next to me the entire time. I can also tell exactly what he is watching on TV at any given time. And he's one of those people who comes home and immediately turns on the TV and doesn't shut it off until he goes to bed.

I've stopped telling Jordan to use his quiet feet when he comes over. I just don't care anymore. He can throw himself around on the floor as much as he wants. Lol.

When I was living with my parents and looking for a place I found one place that was BEYOND perfect. But it was out of my price range and it was about 30 minutes out of town. It was a mother-in-law suite on a farm. I'm looking for something like that.

So. If you would all pray along with me and let me know if anything perfect opens up... I really would like out of here. I do NOT want to move again, but I don't like it here. And I realize that nowhere is perfect. But I'd love a place that didn't change ownership and/or management twice in three months. Somewhere where my concerns would be heard and addressed, especially when it comes to safety (i.e. a light in the parking lot and a working smoke detector). And somewhere that I love coming home to. (And bonus: somewhere that I could have a little pet. A hamster or hedgehog or something.)

I'm not rushing to move out of here or anything. But I am not opposed to the idea of moving into someplace great. Even if it's in Albany.

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Diaria said...

Yikes!!! ~hugs~

Moving sucks, I know. I'm really sorry that your place is turning out to be so bad. I really hope you find a great place soon!!!