Friday, December 19, 2008

Adventures on the hill

Before Ciel left for her trip we checked the internet at her house and determined that I would not need a password to use it. I was all excited to do lots of blogging while I'm up there.

I got up there yesterday and went to sign on...

You guessed it.

Password protected.

GRR! I tried to find the passcode on the internet box but to no avail. I have AWFUL cell phone reception up there, and now no internet. Guess I'll be doing a LOT of cross stitch in the next two weeks! Which is actually good because I had planned to do that anyway. :)

Here are a few (poor quality) cell phone pictures I took.

Eddie (bottom), Dakota and I watching a movie last night:

The back deck! It snowed hard all night and there are now about 9 inches up there. I had no problems getting to work today with the chains on my car so we'll see if it keeps snowing and if I have any trouble getting home. ;)

This is the patio of the hospital cafeteria this morning. So pretty!!

I'm hoping to take some more pictures of the yard in the daylight today. I'm also hoping to shove enough snow off the hot tub lid to open it and hop in. :) (All this after I chop some kindling to build a nice, warm fire. Mmmm...)

I tell you what, I slept SO good last night! No porch lights coming through my window, no road noise, no coughing neighbor... I feel so rested!


Diaria said...

And the hot tub is still hot!!!!! :-)

Carrie said...

It sounds awesome!

We missed you tonight. The house was packed and it was fun but glad you chose safety first.=)