Wednesday, December 10, 2008

House on the hill, here I come!

Last night I went and met the dogs and saw the house where I'll be staying for 2 1/2 weeks (starting next week, ahhh!).

The dogs? HILARIOUS. They are these tiny little things who just want to LICK YOU TO DEATH (which actually drives me crazy but they'll learn not to lick me in the face). The entire time I was there they wrestled with each other and cracked me up. They are the cutest things ever. (Remember their pictures in this post?) I already love them.

The house is great. It's really big (too big for one person but I'll enjoy it) and it has a HOT TUB!!! That is, by far, the best part about staying there. I've gotten into the habit of taking a hot bath every night before bed (let me tell you, it does wonders for my sleep) and hot tubs don't get cold if you sit in them for half an hour. :)

My only hope is that it doesn't dump snow while I'm there because I'm waaaay up on a hill with an insanely steep driveway (which I will not ascend if it gets icy, thankyouverymuch). But I'm really looking forward to movie marathons, cross stitching and ice cream, all while sitting by the fire. :)

That is, when I'm not at work or at my million evening functions this month.

P.S. I'm not adding any more of those. I'm maxed.


Ciel said...

I like your blog.

Carrie said...

THAT housesitting situation sounds AWESOME!