Saturday, January 31, 2009

A weekend 25

1. I drink milk with everything. A bowl of cereal, a bowl of ice cream, pizza, spaghetti… About the only thing I don’t have milk with is alcohol.

2. I LOVE taking hot baths. I’m cold from about September to May and they do wonders for warming me up and helping me relax.

3. If someone had told me six months ago that I would be holding two full time jobs, I would have thought they were crazy. Especially if they told me I would work 8 hours a day and then come home to cook, change, tube feed, etc. (For the record, I love both my jobs.)

4. I have a hard time staying awake during movies. Not in the theater, just at home. I curl up with a blanket, the lights off, and often my boyfriend. Zzzzz…..

5. I am currently in the middle of my sixth move in less then three years. Every time I move I hate it more.

6. I really like to walk but I sure do not have enough time to do it. And I’d really get back into a workout routine to gain some upper body strength but again, no time.

7. My favorite fruit is raspberry. My second favorite is peach.

8. I have never broken a bone or had a nosebleed. I’ve been stung by a bee one time and been in the ER one time (when I had Mono).

9. I have a hilarious family. Mostly inside jokes but those are all the more funny.

10. I was never one of those girls who “fell in love” with movie stars or rock stars. I didn’t have posters all over my room or swoon over N*SYNC or the Backstreet Boys. And I’ve never thought Brad Pitt was all that attractive.

11. I am very right handed but I can ONLY brush my teeth with my left hand. I tried it once with my right. I was covered in toothpaste.

12. I started working for Samaritan when I was 16. In a couple of weeks I get to attend a banquet in honor of 5 years of service. The CEO gets to present me with an award and my boss gets to stand up and say nice things about me. I’m excited.

13. I like to sleep very warm. Lots of blankets and cozy jammies. Except in the summer, obviously. Then I sleep like an X.

14. I hear on a daily basis how skinny I am and how I need to put some meat on my bones. I eat like a horse, people. I eat when I’m hungry, I eat when I’m bored. Ice cream is my total weakness.

15. I’m allergic to caffeine and I seriously miss dark chocolate and chocolate milk. (And brownies.) (And cheesecake.)

16. I have over 300 relatives. I know about 275 of them well enough to strike up a conversation on the street. At Thanksgiving we usually have over 45 people. We usually attend 4 or 5 Christmas parties throughout December.

17. I think hedgehogs and cats are the best pets. I have a weird habit of smelling cats’ heads. Right behind their ears they smell very good. And hedgehogs are just pain cute and they have such adorable personalities.

18. At one point my bedroom was “wallpapered” with photos. And I do mean wallpapered. The whole thing, including the doors.

19. I didn’t grow up with a TV. I didn’t have cable until I was 19 and even now I don’t watch all that much TV. I’d rather read a book.

20. My favorite alcoholic drink is one that most bartenders haven’t even heard of. It’s called a Black River Boogie and it’s wildly unpopular.

21. I’m a hopeless romantic.

22. I lived in the same house until I was 19, when I moved away from home for the first time. I only moved 5 blocks.

23. Besides the times when I change the polish, my toenails have not been unpainted in about 7 years.

24. My boyfriend and I almost NEVER call each other by our first names.

25. I used to HATE change but I’m getting way better at adapting to it. My new job is a CONSTANTLY changing experience.

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