Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The one where Mikaila feels stupid/lucky/stressed/blessed


Yesterday morning I was having a lot of stomach aches and generally not feeling great and I asked to leave work early. My boss approved my leaving and I headed out. I was barely even off hospital campus when I got in a car accident. And it was my fault.

I was waiting to turn onto the highway and I didn't see anybody coming. I started to go when all of a sudden I DID see a car coming! I have no idea how I didn't see him the first time I looked but all of a sudden he was right there and I was nosed out into traffic. I had stopped the second I saw him but I was sticking out too far and he plowed into the front of my car, taking the bumper clean off.
I'm *hoping* it can be fixed. The hood isn't smashed at all, the lights are still intact... the only thing that needs repairing is the grill and, obviously, a new bumper. I'm hoping all of that isn't too spendy (insurance will cover it but if it's equal to or more than 80% of the car's value they total the car).

Nobody was seriously hurt, although I have a pretty sore back. I'm on pain meds for that and they're making me really dizzy. So having said all that, I'm going to lay down and close my eyes.

Just wanted to let you all know.

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Diaria said...

You have terrible luck with cars. I am really sorry to hear you got into another wreck, but I am glad that no one got hurt.