Friday, March 20, 2009


I have plans! Evening plans, weekend plans and big ol' blog plans!

My evening plans consist of playing some more with my new juicer. My mommy and daddy are sick and when I talked to my mom this afternoon on the phone she expressed great jealousy at my homemade apple juice and carrot juice. I also need to make some cookies because I have been promising Dorothy cookies for about two weeks now and I always either get too busy or just plain forget (and then I feel REALLY bad).

My weekend plans include coffee tomorrow! I haven't been in so long so I'm excited to go in the morning. Then I get to spend the afternoon with Steve and in the evening we're going to hang out with a bunch of my coworkers and their significant others. Fun fun! (This is partly because my hanging-out-with-coworkers plan for last weekend got mostly obliterated.)

Which brings me to my blog plans! I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I have post plans for 4 straight days during the week. The trick is going to be finding the time to actually write these posts. If all goes as planned you should start to see...

Sunday: A verse, quote or message that somehow speaks to my heart.

Tuesday Newsday: News from around the world that I personally find interesting or news about my own life (more boringly titled "an update").

Wordless Wednesday: When pictures speak louder than words.

Thursday Thirteen: You know the drill. I choose a topic and write 13 points about that topic. Check out these posts for some examples.

5 for Friday: I choose 5 "points of interest" that I am thinking about or 5 happenings in my life and do a bullet post.


"Das Not Funny!" Friday! Click on this link to find out more about it. If my brain is working enough during the week I may try to participate in this one, at least part time. Sounds fun to me and I sure get enough "Das Not Funny!" moments where I work. =)

Stay tuned folks! I spent some time this evening making some really cool headers for these weekly posts that I can't wait to share! (And just remember for when you see it next week - the photos on the Wordless Wednesday header are all photos that I took myself.)

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