Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 facts of late

1. Last night's Mama Mia movie night was SO FUN!!! I needed that couple of hours to laugh and relax and be with friends. It was seriously refreshing to my soul.

2. I found out yesterday that one of my coworkers (Caleb's) dad owns two beach houses in Newport. Apparently when he doesn't have paying customers with reservations he lets Caleb and his friends use them for free! AHHHH!!! So on April 17th and 18th eight of us are going away for the weekend and it's going to be SO MUCH FUN! I am stoked for hot tubbing, playing pool, good company, eating my heart out and going for a run on the beach.

3. Tonight is my last night off for 9 days. Maybe. I had thought that it would be but then Heather told me (which I either didn't know or had forgotten) that Natalie is available some weeknights. So I might get an evening off next week. And then Heather comes down next Saturday evening. But this weekend I don't get any time and that's hard.

4. I am finally almost done with this car accident crap. My car is totally fixed (yay!), my ticket is paid and my back is better. Now I'm dealing with the personal injury paperwork and it's a PAIN. I have to have my doctor sign one page, my boss sign another page... Nothing is easy. Luckily I love my insurance company and they've been very easy to deal with.

5. I did my taxes all by myself this year! (And I did them a few weeks ago so now I'm awaiting my returns.) I called my dad with one measly question but otherwise I was able to figure almost everything out on my own and follow the booklet instructions for everything I wasn't sure on. Whoo hoo!

6. I have so loved talking to Stacy more lately. I can't wait until she's home for good and within easy "reach" for ice cream dates and movies and lunch after church. =)

7. I don't get enough sleep. That's all.

8. I am addicted to SUCH a cool site. (Secret: it's where I made all of my new Daily Post headers.) (Another secret: I think Thursday Thirteen is my favorite header. And Wordless Wednesday. I love them both.)


9. I need more good books to read. I *love* a good novel and I just finished one so now I'm looking for another. I'd REALLY like to find one to take to the beach with me. (Like I'll have time to read - I'll be too busy hanging out with my friends!)

10. My sister's dog is seriously some of the best medicine. Sometimes I go over there just to feel the love. Haha. She gets SO excited to see me and she bows and then siiiiings to me and it's so cute!

11. I'm very excited for spring to be here. I like winter and I don't mind the rain but lately my spirit is craving some sun. Seeing the daffodils and cherry trees blooming makes me want it even more. =) Not to mention I live in a house with an AWESOME backyard that I am dying to spend time in. =)

12. I'm tempted to start a Recipe segment on my blog. I tried a new one last night that I found on the blog of an acquaintance and it was quite tasty. =) I'll have to see what I can do about that. (So often Dorothy has "dinner" through her feeding tube and I make something really simple.)

13. Tomorrow is Friday! And Saturday is the Corvallis Juggling Convention show! 7pm folks! LaSalles Stewart Center. Come early for a good seat. It's gonna be awesome.

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