Friday, May 8, 2009

Das Not Funny! Friday

It’s finally Friday! How many times this week did you hear or see something and think… “Das Not Funny!” but then realize that it actually was pretty funny? Well, such is the purpose of this blogapolooza known as Das Not Funny! Friday.

I was in the grocery store and pulled out my card to pay. The checker looked at it and said, "Oh, what a cute credit card!"

My card has a picture of my bank on it.

We see and use a LOT of medical terms where I work. EKG's are all over the place. One day my coworker was sending a fax and instead of writing EKG he wrote KEG.


I dropped Dorothy off at her acupuncture appointment and someone had parked in the space that we always use. I made a mock gasp and said, "Somebody took our spot!" to which she replied, "Of all the nerve!!"

(If you know Dorothy and know how difficult her speech is to understand, this might be funnier to you.)

On the same day Dorothy and I drove past a guy who is not all there (to say the least) sitting on the ground, picking at it (the ground, that is). Dorothy made a funny face and I told her about another guy in this town who goes around picking staples and nails out of telephone poles and posts. I ended my story by saying, "... A little crazy."

She replied, "Somebody's gotta do it!"


I was helping Dorothy get ready for bed and I could hear Jordan out in the front part of the house spouting off all kinds of French words. He was going on and on with "Voila!" and "Bonjour!" for several minutes.

I came out from helping her and chuckled at him and asked, "Whatcha doin?" He replied, "I'm half American, half French!" I told him, oh really, and where did the French come from?

He looked at me, then went back to what he was doing, shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Don't know!"


Tomorrow is my sister's graduation party and the theme is "Hats Off to Kendra!" and everyone is supposed to come wearing a hat. I told Jordan this and he asked, "But what if I don't wear a hat?" I told him they wouldn't let him in. He thought for a minute and said, "I'll take Colby's hat." After thinking about THAT for a minute his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "And then HE wouldn't be able to get in!"


Dorothy's daytime caregiver has a little boy who just turned 3 and sometimes comes with her during the day. One day when I got home from work they were still here and so were Natalie's mother and her other 3 sons. All of a sudden Caleb starts flipping out, exclaiming "Where's my bee????" Natalie pulled a little toy turtle out of her bag and said, "Do you mean this?" He did. He started showing it around and his older brother told him, "Caleb, that's not a bee, it's a turtle" about the time he stuck it in his other brother's face and said, "RIBBIT! RIBBIT!"

A very versatile bee. Er, turtle. I mean, frog.

I'm so confused.


And last, but certainly not least... The other night I emptied the ice cream container. When I empty containers of ice cream/yogurt/cream cheese I let the dog lick them out if he happens to be standing nearby (which is, um, always). This is what he did:

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