Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer is here

Ahhh, Saturday...

It's been fairly hot the last couple of days so last night I slept with the window wide open. This meant that I woke up much earlier than I usually do on a Saturday but that also meant that Dorothy and I were ready for the day at about 10:30 (instead of the usual - almost noon).

We sat out on the deck for awhile and I ate my delicious breakfast pastry out there. Pat (the new Saturday caregiver) arrived about 11 and I was officially "off duty". I've been playing around on my blog for the last hour or so, adding things here, deleting things there.

Steve gets off work early today and we have plans to go to my cousins COLLEGE GRADUATION party (holy cow!) and spend the afternoon together. There are plans in the making for a hike. I am feeling the need to escape civilization for awhile. =)

Steve's birthday is next weekend and I can't wait to surprise him! I have a weekend getaway planned for him and Jordan and I and he doesn't know where we're going. I also got him a fantastic gift - something he's been wanting for years. I will try to take lots of pictures that weekend. =)

And now I'm off to enjoy some sunshine!

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