Saturday, June 27, 2009

Suttle Lake

The three of us had a WONDERFUL couple of days in Sisters this week. (I keep wanting to say "this weekend" because it's so rare that we go places in the middle of the week! I am so not ready for my time off to end!)

We stayed one night in Sisters and spent time splashing around in the pool and laying in the sun (I haven't taken those photos off of my phone yet but imagine us splashing and laying and you'll pretty much have the gist of it). :)

We took our sweet time getting home the next day and stopped for several hours at Suttle Lake to enjoy the afternoon. (I'm frustrated - I WANT pictures from my phone but I'm not at home and I don't have the right adapter card to get them onto my laptop!)

First we stopped at the Resort and checked that out (and decided we're going to start saving up for a night there - it's amazing!). Steve looked at me and said, "We should get married here." Of course, after looking up the information for the PRICE to get married there, it became quite clear that we most likely will not be. :) It's gorgeous though. I'll post those photos as soon as I transfer them.

We were standing in the parking lot marveling at the peacefulness of the place when these guys came walking by:

This lake would be perfect for water skiing or tubing

My favorite photo of the week:

This guy was hanging out at the lake with his three kids. He went to his truck and got out his surfboard and paddle and they were all taking turns paddling around on it. Jordan, being the UN-shy kid that he is, walked right over and said, "Hey, do you think I could try that?" The guy was super nice and chuckled at Jordan assertiveness and then gave him a two or three minute ride around on his board.

Jordan then made buddies with the guy's son and they played together for quite awhile on the beach.

When we were done hanging out at the lake we drove back over to the resort for a potty break. While they were waiting for me, Steve and Jordan took a little walk and discovered these guys:

Jordan made it very clear that he would REALLY like to pet one and we made it very clear that he certainly would not be petting one. :)

Hooray for warm weather, minor sunburns and lots and lots of family time!

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