Thursday, October 22, 2009

I scream, you scream

Yesterday I stopped at Cold Stone on my way home from work. I've been having some major tooth pain (which I'm getting fixed in 3 weeks) and something cold sounded really good. And no, that's not my excuse for buying ice cream, it's my reason. Excuses are for people in denial and I am NOT in denial about my ice cream addiction. =)

I am generally at Cold Stone on weekday afternoons and the same employee is there 99% of the time. Her name is Sunshine.

I told Sunshine that Twitter was to blame for me coming in because they advertise their FREE WAFFLE WEDNESDAY every week and, well, that sounded pretty yummy. She laughed and told me that was great - their advertising was working!

While I was paying for my ice cream, Sunshine asked me if I had a punch card. I said, "NO, but I SHOULD have one!" I told her that they used to have punch cards LONG ago and then they ran out and never got any more. She punched my card 5 times because, well, she knows I've been there at least that many times in the past few weeks.

She then proceeded to hand me 5 or 6 unused cards and told me that they would likely run out again at some point so I should have these. =)

While it's sad that I'm in Cold Stone so much that they pretty much know me by name (somehow that's more embarrassing than the baristas at your favorite coffee shop knowing you by name), it's nice to be treated as a loyal customer! =)

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