Thursday, September 16, 2010

On life

Life is just trucking along... being life! And though I've been posting this summer about how wonderful summer has been and how much we've been loving it (it was and we totally were), not everything about my life is peaches and cream.

I'm working really hard at enjoying the little things in life. Soaking in the moment and not letting things pass me by.

I'm going to miss packing Jordan's lunches for him and I try to remember that when I'm about to crawl into bed and I realize that I haven't packed his lunch OR my own. It's easy for me to just say, "Oh, I'll grab something from the cafeteria" but he doesn't have that luxury. (I also remind myself of this when I UNpack his lunches and find that he's barely eaten a thing.)

I am reminding myself, sometimes daily, that money does not equal happiness. Sure, not living paycheck to paycheck would cut down on STRESS levels in this house, but we have the things that matter. We are warm, we are full and we have love. And cats.

I am trying to remember each day when I ask Jordan how school was and he says, "fine" and then tells me that he can't remember what he learned about in school because "it was a long day," that that's ok. Instead, I try to ask more pointed questions and try to pull information out of him. And it usually works.

I remind myself when Steve is being super annoying and is getting on my nerves that he is truly an amazing guy and that he treats me wonderfully. He kisses me when he leaves the house and he kisses me when he comes home. He tells me he loves me, even if we're bickering. He PRAYS for me every day. He asked me to be the mother of his son.

I remember that sometimes houses are messy. Sometimes sinks are full of dirty dishes. Sometimes laundry baskets overflow. And that's ok! (You know, until you run out of clean underwear.) Because really, more memories are made reading books together than they are if Jordan is watching cartoons and I'm washing dishes and folding laundry.

And when Jordan ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT EAT ANYTHING HEALTHY NO MATTER HOW HARD WE TRY, I remind myself that he will eventually grow out of it. Hopefully. (And we're actually going to start a sort of eating behavior program sometime soon to encourage new foods. And less Happy Meals.)

And when my boys get home at the end of the day? I hit "Publish" on my blog posts and go spend time with them before bed. :)

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