Saturday, October 30, 2010

The one where I ramble

What? Only two weeks since my last post?? That's almost a record for this year!

My brother and cousin took my dad's guns and went shooting this morning... They invited me along and I did want to go because I've never shot a gun before but they said they would likely be gone most of the day.

We're supposed to (finally) go to the pumpkin patch today! The weather SUCKS and if it were up to me I would probably just go buy a pumpkin at the grocery store, but somehow that seems unfair to Jordan. The kid should visit a pumpkin patch!

However, it's 11:30am and I'm pretty sure he and Steve aren't even up and dressed yet...

Family game night tonight! It's been weeks since we've had one and all the "regulars" are coming so it ought to be tons of fun.

Tomorrow we have plans to go to the local Harvest Party before doing a bit of Trick or Treating with some friends. I think I also remember a discussion about pizza.

Next weekend the same friends are leaving town overnight so we're watching their kiddos (6 years and 5 months) for them. I'm looking forward to it.

I have wedding on my brain every day... Currently trying to find a venue that will hold 250 people but will also be AFFORDABLE. It's surprising how many places around here will "only" hold around 150.

I still want to go back to school. I'm not totally sure for what. The thing that interests me most is speech therapy. The thing that scares me is timing. I'm getting married in a year and planning a wedding while going back to school sounds totally overwhelming. Then we want to have more kids right away. At least two of them. Maybe three of them. So, long story short, there is NO good time to go back to school and I should just DO IT. Eventually I want to stay home with my kids but I also want to have some sort of education so I can help support my family if I need to.

I still love having cats. Those dumb furry creatures are so cute and hilarious. They run to the door and rub against my legs when I come home. They purr in my face while I'm trying to sleep and they keep my feet warm at night. And they're such goofs!

I thought about doing NaBloPoMo again this year but I really feel like I would be struggling to find things to post about and, once again, I don't want to make it so I don't WANT to post when it's over. So I probably won't. I know you'll be terribly disappointed.

My sister just walked in and said, "Ack! You're on my computer!" which I assume means she wants to use it. ;) Off to do something else!

Hope your Halloween isn't too SPOOKY!

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