Thursday, December 8, 2011

Living the dream. For serious.

Ok. Maybe I've learned. Time never slows down. There is never enough of it. And I will never blog as much as I would like to. (It's even worse now that our laptop died because I can't blog in bed in the evenings anymore.) (Not that I did that very much anyway.)

Here is a quick list of what the heck we've been up to lately! In no particular order...

I cut my hair! I grew it out for FIVE YEARS for the wedding and it was super long. I did love my long hair (it turns out that Steve prefers it long) but it was in my way all the time and always pulled back in a ponytail or boring braid. After the honeymoons I cut 11 inches off and donated it to Locks of Love. I must say, I like it short. :)

Jordan has a girlfriend. It's his best buddy from his after school program and apparently things are quite serious between them. *wink* Don't ask him about it.

I am planning to quit my job.

Yes, seriously! We are very seriously looking at me quitting my job and staying home to homeschool Jordan next year. Ideally I would quit in the spring and start up a home childcare business to generate income for our family. Then I would begin homeschooling Jordan when school lets out (unofficially at first and then more seriously in the fall). He is unsure about whether he wants to do that (he likes school for the social aspect) but it's the direction we're leaning. I have a post about that brewing in my head, too!

Along with working toward me staying home and doing everything I just mentioned, we are working on growing our family. No news yet!

We are decorated for Christmas! I love this time of year. And I love the excitement that Jordan has the entire month of December.

Tonight I'm going with my sister and two other girls to David's Bridal because now it's KENDRA'S turn to plan her wedding! :) We are looking at bridesmaid dresses together.

Life goes on, busy as ever! I thought things would slow down a bit after the wedding and truthfully, they have. But I'll be honest, I would rather spend an evening in bed with my boys and a movie than writing a blog post. ;) And who can blame me for that??

Oh! One more thing!

For the last several years I've had an allergy (or "sensitivity") to chocolate. More specifically, to caffeine. If I consumed it I would get horrible horrible headaches and vertigo.

Recently Steve brought home this evil kettlecorn drizzled with fudge. You guys, the stuff is amazing. And I tried a piece. And then I tried a whole bowl full. And I didn't die! I didn't even get a little bit sick. So I tried it two more times. (This stuff is SO good.)

Then I tried a piece of chocolate. And then a mug of hot chocolate.

And I still didn't die! (Mind you, I did spread these things out over the course of several days.)

So I am very happy to say that I think my sensitivity may be a thing of the past and I am SO EXCITED about it! I can't even tell you how heavenly that stupid mug of hot chocolate was. I'm sure I looked like a total dork while I was drinking it.

Bliss, I tell you.

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