Tuesday, October 16, 2012

#1 mom

We have thrush.

It really sucks.

On Sunday I noticed a few different things in Peyton and I that made me stop and think they were possibly all tied together. She was fussing and pulling away while nursing. My breasts felt like they had pins and needles in them. Her tongue was white. She had a diaper rash. (She got the rash just hours after we switched to cloth diapers so I'm wondering if it was related to that or if it was caused by the thrush. I put her back in disposables and treated it and it cleared up quickly. We'll give cloth another chance soon.)

I called our doctors and explained the symptoms and Peyton's doctor prescribed Nystatin for her (oral suspension) and topical treatment for me. I was instructed to put the cream on after each feeding and wash it off before the next feeding.

Guess who forgot to wash it off?

It had been 3 hours since I had put it on, but still. Concerned mom. My baby just sucked on an anti-fungal cream. (It kind of absorbs into the skin so you can't see it anymore. Hence, my forgetting.)

So I called poison control. Maybe a bit of an extreme reaction but I wanted to be sure. The lady I talked to was super nice and said we should just watch for nausea/vomiting/diarrhea which could lead to dehydration. But she said the real concern is when a kid eats half the tube so we would probably be just fine.

And we were.

I then stopped using the cream and started using a much more natural approach of vinegar followed by coconut oil. Bonus: it smells much better!

(At Peyton's doctor appointment today her doctor said I can start giving her medicine twice a day (instead of 4 times) and I only need to do it for 2 more days (instead of 5). I'm relieved because she hates the medicine (a fruity, sticky syrup that gets everywhere).)

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