Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two month checkup

Peyton had her 2 month checkup on October 19th. She got two shots, one in each leg, which was terrible for Mama! She was extremely fussy the rest of the evening, sleeping for almost all of it, and would cry whenever we put her down, even in her sleep. We gave her a dose of Tylenol before the appointment and one more before bed. By the next morning she seemed back to her usual self. (Which was great because TESSA came to visit!

P's stats at her appointment:
9lb 14oz (exactly 2lbs above birth weight)
20 3/4 inches long

Her pediatrician checked her over very well and then told us, "She looks pretty much perfect! There is one very slight imperfection..." Peyton started to fuss and her doctor said, "It's ok, it's just a SMALL imperfection!" :)

Her head tends to turn to the right more (something that probably happened because she was sleeping in a cradle and would turn her head towards the door). One side has become slightly flattened and one of her ears is further forward than the other. Now that her head has the flattened spot, it naturally wants to turn that way. We also notice her looking to the right more than the left when she's sitting up. P's doctor says it's a common occurrence in babies and can usually be corrected fairly easily. The first thing we did was turn P's cradle around so she was facing the other way. We put a rolled up blanket under one side of her head cushion to create a bit of a "wall" on that side of her head. We also started putting her to sleep in her crib more, though that doesn't have a lot to do with her head. :) When we put her in her swing or on the floor for playtime we try to make sure her head is turned to the left instead of the right. During the night it's somewhat hard to "regulate" which way her head is turned but I'm hoping at her next appointment (not until 4 months) there will be improvement!

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