Friday, January 17, 2014

Goal check and a birth decision

So far I'm doing well with my Bible reading this year. I'm participating in a 5-day a week reading plan and although I'm still not reading every weekday, I have been reading 3-4 days a week. I would like to be reading 7 days a week so I will work to improve that. However, I'm happy that after 2 weeks, I'm still on track. :)

I have walked about 3 miles so far this month and I would LOVE to be walking more but I have been struggling a lot with morning sickness and fatigue. I'm hoping that improves very soon (I am 11 weeks tomorrow).

My 365 photo project and blessings jar are both going fabulously. 

I have not been writing to my husband and kids as much as I would like. I wrote to Jordan once and he was SO thrilled about it and even asked me a few days later when I would write again. So I need to step that one up! He is a kid that thrives on verbal affirmation, so letters of encouragement are invaluable to him. 

What I am hands down most excited about this week is that we have made the decision to have a home birth with this baby!

I really wanted a natural childbirth with Peyton and I would have loved to have seen a midwife for my prenatal care. It wasn't financially feasible for us and the idea was too nerve wracking for Steve, being that it was my first pregnancy and that Jordan was born via emergency c-section. We had a hospital birth with P, I caved and got an epidural (really by my own decision) and then hated it. I pushed for 3.5 hours, had 3rd degree tearing, had to be catheterized and couldn't sit down for a week. I would change a lot of things about her birth if I could do it again. However, I learned a lot from the experience and I feel that knowledge is power. 

This time around, I've felt like I'm in a bit of a funk. I'm much more sick than I was with P, and I have a 1-year-old to chase around. Being home full time is nice (hello naps!) but it's been a much different experience so far. I was having trouble feeling excited about the pregnancy (although I'm absolutely thrilled that we are having another baby!) and of course, that made me feel guilty. I didn't realize that for 6 weeks I was feeling bummed about having another hospital birth. I felt like I had to do things on doctor/hospital terms, not mine. I felt like I wouldn't be able to be in control of my own labor experience. 

A couple of weeks ago, Steve agreed to see a midwife for a free consultation. I called up the same midwife that about a dozen of my friends have used (and loved) and on Wednesday we went and met with her. 


She is so down to earth and easy to talk with. She explained how they educate couples on options and choices and then WE get to decide on everything. She is on our team, not being our boss. She is there to help us have the best experience that we can. 

So we hired her. :) Steve is still worried about the insurance/financial aspect because I will be applying for OHP and he's not convinced that I will be accepted and covered 100% (but I am). But he feels comfortable with the idea of a home birth and I am SO thankful! I immediately felt so much more excitement about this pregnancy and birth than I had been. I will admit that I am nervous about a natural birth because I didn't succeed in having one with P, but I look at how well my body was doing up until we arrived at the hospital, and I'm confident in my ability to have one this time. 


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