Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things I take for granted

Thursday Thirteen is a little thing I do for fun (and not every Thursday as I tend to forget sometimes). I choose a topic, create my own little logo, then post 13 things on that topic (usually in no particular order). This week:

Thirteen Things I Take For Granted:

1. The people who love me unconditionally.

2. Health insurance.

3. My cell phone.

4. Freedom of speech.

5. The extended education I was given as a child.

6. Nice clothes.

7. A church that follows the Spirit, not a schedule.

8. Forgiveness.

9. Clean, drinkable water.

10. Corvallis Transit System.

11. The ability to read.

12. All 5 of my senses, completely functional.

13. A happy heart.

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