Tuesday, July 24, 2007

As promised!

The pictures you've all been waiting for! I spent a ton of time putting this birthday party together and I was SO glad when it was such a hit and everything went as planned. How often does THAT happen? Here is the one-of-a-kind cake!

Everything is edible except the sails and figures.

We had the party at a park with a covered picnic area and a mom and her little boy came for about 20 mintues to play, but other than that we had the whole place to ourselves. And it rained just before and just after the party, but not during! Hip hip!

Ready to hunt for treasure!

Taking off after the first clue. Cole didn't want to do the hunt (he's several years older than the other 3) but when I told him he's the only one who could read the clues he decided it would be ok to participate.

Digging through the loot!

Arr! It's Pirate Jordan!

Spectating. =)

And then we lit the cannons!

And blew them out.

Present time!

The gift he is most proud of. =) Steve put it in the hallway that night and Jordan sat on it forever. Up to eat a snack, back to sit on the bike. 5 mintues of a movie, back to sit on the bike.
Grandma bought super soakers for all 4 kids. They're practically as big as the kids!

These are the 2 outfits he got from Penny:

I'm afraid I've set a very high standard for next year's party. =)


Eva said...

Looks like a great party! And the cake looks awesome.

Carrie said...

BTW, have to say -- that cake looks INCREDIBLE. If I were a kid, I'd want that cake. =D (And even if I weren't . . .)