Monday, July 16, 2007


Here is our new kitty, Nikita!

I have yet to get a good picture of her face because so far every time I get my camera out she gets curious and wants to sniff it. She's adapted really well and is no longer shy about venturing out of my closet. Today was the first day we left her alone while we were both at work and she did just fine! No damage whatsoever. She sleeps a LOT, so I have a feeling that's what she did all day! One of her favorite things to do is stare at me while I'm sleeping and wait until I open my eyes and freak out because her face is half an inch away. Silly cat. She loves sitting in the window and playing with string and she hates it when Diana wrestles with her for too long (even though Nikita usually starts it). I've never heard a cat growl quite like she does, but she is very forgiving and as soon as you scratch her ears she starts purring and rubbing her head against you.

I'm already attached!

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mychaela said...

very cute my dear. i am glad you are enjoying your new kitty.