Monday, July 9, 2007

More celebration!

I have always loved family reunions. Every side of our family is so much fun! This is one of the more fun sides (yes, there are a lot of sides).

This is the Jello dish I made to take:

Onyx wouldn't stay put so Kendra made her lay down in the chair. Here I was asking her, "Do you want a WHALE?" She cocks her head pretty much every time you ask her if she wants something and it's funny to add different words to see how interested she gets.
Mac was so tired out from playing hard! It's tough work being a puppy!

Aunt Carmen plays with Marissa and Patrick.

Patrick was holding his shorts up and trying to keep them dry and Aunt Pam asked him if he wanted to take his shorts off and go swimming in his underwear. He cracked up and goes, "Not in my underwear!" He kept repeating the word underwear. I think he just though it was a fun word to say! Silly boy.

Croquet spectators:

Serena wasn't so sure in this picture because she had just woken up. She sure is a smiley little thing.

Horseshoe spectators:

Patrick "feeding the sheep":

Homemade ice cream!!!

Photographer Chris:

Here she is all smiley!


And I can never resist beautiful flowers.

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