Monday, July 9, 2007

Coming soon!

This is Lucy (for the time being). Diana and I are signing another lease tonight and talking to our managers about getting a cat. When we moved in they said no, but maybe after we'd lived there for a year. Well, it's been a year and we want a cat! We just got new managers and they said they're pretty sure we can have one. I found this kitty on freecycle (a network where people get rid of free stuff). Her owner said she was an indoor kitty who got a whiff of the outdoors. They can't have an outdoor cat so they were looking for a home for her. We would love an indoor/outdoor cat! I'm a sucker for black and white cats and her owner tells me she's very friendly and good with kids, but also likes to lay around a lot. Perfect since we work all day! I can't wait to have a kitty sleeping on my bed again. I'm not a big fan of the name Lucy so I'm hoping we can change it without her getting too confused. I think for awhile we'll just use Lucy along with whatever new name we choose and slowly fade Lucy out. It worked with my sister's dog. I'm considering Kina (short for Pea Kina which is Hawaiian for panda since she's black and white) or Nikita. I'm leaning more towards Nakita at this point.

The new managers came by the other night when I wasn't home to introduce themselves. So far (I've only talked to them once on the phone) they seem very nice. Although I loved our old managers so they have some big shoes to fill. They're also raising our rent. Apparently pretty much everyone in those apartments is paying a different rate and they need to even it all out. One guy is paying $100 less than we are! Some of the apartments have newer carpet, paint, counters and linoleum, so I figured that's why we were paying more (our apartment is one of them). I think it's a good idea to make everyone pay the same amount, it just sucks that it has to go up (but it's only $10 or $20 a month for me, so that's ok).

I'll post more kitty pictures when she comes home! Hopefully we'll be getting her on Friday.

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