Monday, July 9, 2007

Words from the wheel

Tonight my human decided to take me outside. She's had that idea in her head for awhile, but I hurt my foot a few weeks ago, so she was waiting for me to get better. I'm still not better. =( She doesn't know what's wrong with my foot, and I don't speak Human, so I can't tell her. She's being very gentle with me and trying to make my foot better.

The outdoors is an interesting place! So many new sounds and smells! At first I just stayed on my towel and sniffed the air.

Pretty soon she wanted me to see what the grass was like, so she set me on it. The grass was dead so it was a little pokey, much like myself!

I was very curious, but my foot still needs some TLC, so after a little while, we went back inside. My cage was all clean and I had a nice dinner and a long drink! I'm looking forward to spending more time in the grass this summer!

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