Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Princess or Pain?

These were both taken with my phone, but I finally got her face! My coworker says she looks like Batman.
The little turd woke me up at 5am today batting at the bag of hedgehog food (which is actually cat food). I went out there and took her in my room (with her biting me all the way) but she threw a fit about that and when I tried to lock her in the bathroom she just scratched at the door nonstop. There is nowhere to put that cat! I finally got a string and played with her to get a little of her energy out, about the time Diana got up to go to the gym. I said something along the lines of, "Good, you deal with her, she's pissing me off" and went back to bed. But I had to get up an hour later, so I should have taken myself up on the idea to just get up early. I could NOT drag myself out of bed and ran out of time to eat breakfast. (I scarfed a banana on the way out the door.)

Last night I came home and Nikita was really interested in the hedgehog, who was awake and eating his dinner. I don't mind if she sits on the recliner and looks at him, and Dexter doesn't mind either, but when she leaned over and put one paw on the cage and the other through the slats, I took more drastic measures. Time for the cat repellent! Out came the squirt bottle. After I squirted her with water a couple of times she spent about 20 minutes cleaning herself and was more wary about the cage. I have a feeling tonight we'll go through it again. Diana and I thought about just introducing them to each other and letting her get poked in the nose a few times to realize she doesn't want to mess with him, but I'm not convinced that would curb her curiosity if he's in the cage and she knows he can't get to her. The only places she's not allowed are the kitchen table and counters (she's never tried the counters) and Dexter's cage, so hopefully she'll learn.

Today was the most annoyed I've been with her since bringing her home, and if she's going to be a spazz during the day, that's fine, it just needs to be during my waking hours!

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Eva said...

She is a cutie!

I don't know how to delay a post per se. Last time I wrote them in advance, and then was able to make them "live" daily from someone else's computer. Sorry I can't be of more help!