Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things I have done to get ready for Jordan's birthday party

1. Painted the "treasure chest" and ruined a pair of pants in the process.

2. Gone shopping about 4 times.

3. Wracked my brain for pirate-y ideas.

4. Searched the internet for help on putting together a scavenger hunt.

5. Spent time printing, arranging and resizing pirate images to use for several different things.

6. Talked with Jordan about all the details of the party.

7. Filled the (very cool) treasure chest.

8. Gotten crazy looks from people when I tell them about the cake I'm making.

9. Gotten frustrated with the lack of RSVP's.

10. Talked with Steve over and over about where we would HAVE the party, and then it rained.

11. Picked out beads, swords, hats, bandanas, prizes, etc.

12. Brainstormed the making of the cake.

13. Had a lot of fun doing all of this.

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