Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Watermelon and softball!

Every year on the Sunday before the 4th our church has a picnic at a local park. they supply watermelon (and lots of it) and we play frisbee, softball, t-ball, soccer and any other sport that someone brings. These are some of my favorite pictures from this year (although there are LOTS more).

Sarah has a couple of BIG dogs at home, so she was all set to pet Onyx. Luckily Onyx is a very patient dog and the most she does to kids is try to lick their ears. This picture was taken towards the end of the petting session when Onyx had had about enough. We brought out the frisbee and then all was well.

These are two of the three little boys that one family in our church just adopted from Liberia. They were ALL over the watermelon! Jenny says she can't keep it in the house they eat it so fast.

Tinker told everyone to line up in height order. Notice Stacy falls somewhere in the middle... And I'm pretty sure Kiersten should be on the other side of her. :-D This was the most chaotic softball game I have ever watched, and also the most fun.

Joshua and his bat

Joanna and her bat (siblings)

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