Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Warning: This post is not for people who are easily disgusted.

I came home from my trip this weekend and noticed that the kitchen smelled funny. Our kitchen gets stinky pretty fast if the garbage isn't taken out every two days or so and the sink isn't rinsed out, but these things had been done. I found a dish rag on the sink that had been balled up and dried out and it smelled pretty bad so I took care of that, thinking that was the problem. The next morning I came out to the kitchen and it smelled again! The smell was slightly fishy/rotten, but neither of us really eat fish so that couldn't be it... I was hunting all over the place trying to find the cause of the smell and couldn't!

Finally last night I went to get a chip clip out of the top drawer and the smell was much stronger when I opened the drawer. I sniffed the dish towels and they smelled like it too, but I knew the smell wasn't actually coming from that drawer. I started opening other drawers and in the third drawer I found a half loaf of moldy bread (we stopped keeping bread in drawers because it goes bad SO fast but somehow this loaf made it into the drawer) and it the drawer below that I found a bag of potatoes that were so rotten that when I picked up the bag, they DRIPPED. I took both drawers outside and drenched them in bleach cleaner and sprayed them down with the hose. We left them out to dry last night and this morning I had a heck time trying to get one of them back it (so much so that I practically threw it on the floor, cursing it for not going in because it was in my way and I was becoming late for work!). Tonight I think I'll take the other two drawers out (not full of gross things, but still smelly) and clean those and wash all the dish towels. No more storing bread and potatoes in drawers! Perhaps we'll be investing in a bread box.

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