Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More counting!

Yesterday my roommate found a website called Mystic Stitch which is having a special on counted cross stitch patterns - buy 2, get 2 free! The patterns are $15 apiece, which is a very good price for the size of the pieces (about 17 x 17 inches). She focused mostly on faeries and animals, while I like more landscape stuff. I ended up getting 4 very different patterns and she got 8 patterns which were all either animals or faeries. We'll probably copy some of each other's patterns to maybe do later. I'm thinking I need to crank out this hedgehog so I can start another piece and Diana's all set to have 3 or 4 started at once. =) She thought they would take several weeks to get here, but they're being shipped out today so we might have them by the end of the week! I'm looking forward to a winter full of cross stitching. I went back and looked at them again today and now I'm thinking I've done myself in because they look HARD! Lol. Diana told me last night that of all the people she has taught counted cross stitch to, she thinks I'm the most likely to stick with it. These are the patterns I got:

These are two of the patterns she got:
We have one hanging in our living room that she did awhile back which has an earth surrounded by a bunch of animals in the foreground. The idea of this one is similar, and of course she had to get it because it has PLANETS in it! =)

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