Monday, August 13, 2007

Revenge is a scary thing

Diana and Kyle (my roommate and neighbor) have started a practical joke war. I have sworn that I will not be a part of it because while it's fun to play jokes on other people, I do NOT enjoy being the brunt of them. So by staying out of it completely, I keep myself fairly safe.

Apparently yesterday Diana was walking down our street and Kyle drove past in his car and honked at her and scared the living daylights out of her. She came home and pulled out some of her saved up ammo.

I walked into the living room last night and this is what I saw:

35 garbage bags full of balloons that she later filled Kyle's bedroom with. Apparently after she blew up 3 bags of balloons she went to the dollar store to buy 3 more bags. I have no idea how many balloons there were but I would guess a few hundred.

Nikita was having an absolute field day going "hunting" among the bags.

I called Steve in from the car to look at it and Jordan wanted to see, too. He sat right down and started helping Diana blow them up. I told her she should print this picture and leave it with the mess of balloons.
This morning after Kyle went to work Diana headed next door to distribute the balloons. When Kyle gets home this is what he will find:

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