Monday, August 13, 2007

Still growing!

I hadn't seen the kittens in almost two weeks and needed to get pictures of them to e-mail to their potential owners. I walked into the bedroom last night and was shocked! I didn't think they would grow so much in such a short time! I know they grow fast but the difference was amazing. I didn't take any pictures of the orange kitten because we're keeping him, but these other 3 all have potential homes (two are probably for sure). We discovered that there are actually two girls, not one. The calico kitten is SO mellow and the lady who will be taking her is SO excited so I'm happy about that. Jordan is so cute with them, carting them all over the house. For such little kitties they are very patient with him. Or maybe just too young to know any different. :o)

This little guy took me forever to find and I eventually had to give up and let him come out on his own. This picture cracks me up. I think I just happened to catch him at a goofy looking moment because I don't remember him looking like this! Maybe he'll grow up to be a mouser.

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