Friday, August 24, 2007

Fingers crossed (and a little prayer)

I have a friend who is VERY pregnant and is due in about 3 weeks. She's dropped, is dialated and has been having contractions for some time. We've been joking about the day she's going to deliver because there is no way she'll make it to her due date. The general vote is that she will have him on the 30th, just to be mean, because it is the opening Beaver football game which they have been making plans for for months.

She came in just now and told me that she absolutely cannot deliver this weekend because every relative she has (aside from her 80-something year old grandmother-in-law) is out of town. Her husband, her in-laws, her dad, etc. She said if she goes into labor in the next two days that I'll be getting a phone call and a crash course on driving my car!

So here's to hoping (for everyone's sake) that she delivers him on the 2nd, which would be the ideal day for many, many reasons.

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