Sunday, August 26, 2007

The way my evening went...

I was traveling west on Hwy 34 when a car traveling east decided to turn in front of me. I panicked because I've only driven a stick about three times and kind of freaked out for a second, slammed on the brakes, swerved and smashed into the back of his car.

It was an old gentleman who I think was trying to go home, but he missed his road and was probably trying to turn around in the parking lot. His car spun around and landed in the ditch.

Jordan was asleep in the backseat, which I think was probably a good thing because he woke up to the shock but didn't have to see it happen.

The whole thing happened in slow motion. The panic, stomping on the brake, the screeching tires, me yelling, Steve yelling, the smash, the lurch...

I tried to drive the car off the road and killed it twice. Steve said all he could think of was getting Jordan and I out of the car. When we first crashed a lady ran up to my window and asked if I was okay. I said yes and asked if she was okay and she said yes, but I didn't realize until about an hour later that she wasn't part of the accident. I honestly believe she was a guardian angel. Her husband helped Steve get the car off the road and they almost got hit two more times in the process because the accident was on somewhat of a corner and people come zooming through there without paying much attention.

We are so lucky. Yes, my car is totaled and probably no insurance company will ever insure me again, but Steve and Jordan and I are all okay and the old man in the other car is okay. I remember thinking in the two seconds after the crash, "Maybe it's not that bad..." and then when I walked over to the front of it to see, I just burst into tears. For four days I owned a car.

I'm really shaken up. My left wrist got jarred pretty bad (but the air bag didn't deploy) and I think tomorrow I'll probably be pretty stiff and sore. I'm trying not to play the "what if" game because the what if's include us dead on the highway. That's the stretch that I've always referred to as Death Valley. I am not one of those crosses on the roadside. God was watching out for us and I have a guardian angel named Jake.


Carrie said...

First off -- I am SO GLAD you are ok. (I tried to send an e-mail but Gmail is not cooperating right now.)

I bought my Kia -- and two weeks later I totalled it. I know EXACTLY how you feel. It feels miserable and awful. Coincidentally -- it was a result of my totalling my brand new vehicle that led me to purchase the cheapola car from the guy in Salem. I can find his number ifyou are interested. And insurance will cover you again! They'll just charge you a lot more. =X I think my wreck goes off my record next year and then our insurance will finally go down. (yay!)

I'm so very sorry. It makes me feel sick. But I'm glad you all are ok. That's the most important thing so remember that!

mychaela said...

i am soooo glad you are okay too my dear. that is the most important thing right now.
don't start stressing about your insurance or another car right now. things will fall into place naturally and everything will work out. my wreck went off my record a couple months ago and my insurance went from right under $200 (when my parents were paying for it) to $65.
i am sorry for what happened. i am just glad you are alright. :)